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Advantages of E-Learning

“Where my reason, imagination or interest were not engaged, I would not or I could not learn." -Winston Churchill

I am going to highlight 6 key points that are making e-learning so much more appealing to today’s students.

1. Computers, smartphones and tablets have all provided the masses with the ability to learn anywhere, anytime. The convenience of accessing online content at will has become a game changer. With free wi-fi access just about everywhere, the flexibility is there to learn while commuting to work, during your lunch break, after work, or on a weekend.

2. E-learning is self-paced. There is no pressure of having to keep up with the class schedule. A student can go over the content at their leisure, and can review it over and over again. We all learn at a different pace, so e-learning provides the medium for students to absorb the content at the speed they are comfortable with.

3. With email, blogs, video, and other discussion boards, there is more interaction between the administrator and the students. The student who was too shy to raise their hand in a traditional classroom setting can now get more involved without anxiety in a cyber-setting.

4. Course material is richer and absorbed faster. In a traditional classroom setting, we are handcuffed by having to go through the material page-by-page as a group. The e-learning setting allows students to skip what they already know, and focus more time and energy on what they do not.

5. No more outdated content. We’ve all had text books that have been handed down through the course of time. With the addition of cloud-based storage, new and revised material is updated on a regular basis.

6. We are constantly hearing about how the cost of education is rising at an astronomical rate. Without the need of an instructor or a physical classroom, e-learning has proven to be a more economical route to learn.

These are the 6 factors today’s e-learners are looking for, so if you can create this environment, the students will come. Do you want to share your wealth of knowledge with the world? Let Learnpower show you how. We will partner with you to create an e-learning website that can reach students around the globe.

Click HERE to schedule a no-obligation, FREE DEMO today or call us at (212)960-3191.

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