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Where do your students consume information?

In todays world of online education, we would like to think that students are sitting in front of their computers diligently studying in a quiet room. However, our analytics show that 70% of students are consuming data on their phones and on the go! That number is staggering! To really engage your students, it is very important to make sure the content you give them is accessible across multiple platforms. That includes iPhones, androids, ipads and other tablets. Here are few tips to consider:

1-Make sure your images are good quality

Good images are really important to have when you are sharing them online. Make sure you test the image by looking at it on your phone first.

2-Use cloud technology to host your video lectures

Everyone’s phone or tablet can play a video from YouTube because they specialize in allowing users to have this capability. Using a similar site like Vimeo to host your online lectures can give you high quality content that can be watched on all devices and easily embedded into your online course.

3- When given the opportunity, embed your resources instead of giving links

When using outside resources (See interview with Simon Mcintyre), like videos or pdf’s, you want to add them to your course by embedding them into your lesson vs. giving them links. This keeps the students working on your site where you can track what information they are consuming and for how long. It also makes it easier for students to access information on one site instead of two or three. To see a list of sites where you can access free resource materials for your course, click here.

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