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Content Creation

We set up your e-learning site, including customizing your color scheme, preparing your logo with a transparent background for embedding, configuring your custom URL, and integrating with your email and authentication systems.

Our content creation team will help you to create custom e-learning content for your site, incuding videos, audio files, assessments and more so your students will be able to easily navigate through different topics creating a "learning on demand" environment.

Content Migration

We can assist you in migrating your existing content to our platform, including the creation of custom migration tools when appropriate.


We  perform a site audit and provide you with feedback on how your site is currently set up, as well as suggestions for improvement.


Our web-based training allows you and your staff to enjoy in-depth training from the comfort of your office. We use web-conferencing tools to provide real-time demonstrations of our site in action, and because we do not have to travel to your location, we can provide it at a lower cost than on-site training.

Our friendly support  responds to your needs immediately. Electronic support makes it easy to share links to examples, screenshots, videos, etc, reducing the time to resolve an issue.

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