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Pros and Cons of being an Online Teacher and Student

Pros and Cons of being an Online Teacher and Student

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at”

- Stephen Hawking

Technology has provided a new frontier for online educators. Where teachers where once limited to physical classrooms, today their reach is global. Everywhere you look today there are infomercials, billboards and online advertisements offering you an opportunity to learn a trade or continue your education and improve your standing in life.

Those looking for opportunities to improve their lot in life by taking online course can be skeptical as to what will the end result be. Is it worth it to spend the money on a course that may or may not be what it’s cracked up to be. Are these testimonials from past students accurate of just part of a marking campaign? With the special needs of candidates who need or want to continue their education, online programs offer a convenient solution to conflicts with work, family and study schedules.

The Pros:

  • Ability to learn anywhere

The reach to potential students is now global

  • Learn at your own pace

Take a course to improve your education or to learn a trade on your time. Goes back to the solutions to conflicts in your day to day.

  • Select High Quality Coursework and Lectures

Do the homework and find out which programs offer the best possible options for what potential employers or education programs are looking for.

  • Better participation

Within the classroom students might be hesitant to raise their hand due to shyness or embarrassing themselves.In this environment, students are more readily looking to provide feedback, without repercussion.

  • Content not student focused

Resources and ideas are shared, and continuous synergy will be generated through the learning process.

  • Teachers/Faculty

Those teachers and faculty that have provided the coursework, which has shown proven results can translate that to online courses.Strong teachers and faculty will provide a curriculum that empowers their students to achieve their goals.

The Cons:

  • Technology and potential limitations

Internet access is not easily available to all. Poor internet connections or lack of access to computers will hinder potential students

  • Accessibility

Not everyone has a computer or access to use one.While access on the internet is global, availability to all is not.In certain areas of US and other countries there is a cost to access the internet.

  • Students

Online course work can be an effective alternative for self-disciplined, Type A personalities.Successful online students tend to be well organized, self-motivated and seeking to achieve a goal by completing an online course.Those students that do not have these characteristics and are more dependent on a live classroom setting might have more difficulty in an asynchronous or synchronous environment.

  • Teachers/Faculty

Teachers and faculty not willing to embrace change can be disruptive to providing relevant curriculums to online programs.Lack of interest to change can and will effect proper training of administrators, understanding the importance of class size and focus on profitability rather than quality content.

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