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Recently, a client reached out us to ask if there were any tips or processes we could offer to help with student retention. At first glance, that seems like a pretty straightforward question that would have straightforward solutions. But once we started talking and really breaking down the problem, we realized that the only people who are worried about retention were admissions staff and directors. The two groups of people they will spend the least amount of time with, are the ones who seemed to care the most.

The problem was not the students, the admissions staff or the actual course itself; the problem was the lack of communication. The students felt no connection to the school before the class started and were second-guessing their decision. It wasn’t that the teachers, career services or externship coordinators didn’t care; it was that they were so overwhelmed; they had no time to communicate with incoming students.


We assisted the school in setting up personalized content for each department. Instructors, career counselors and externship coordinators each submitted important information on what it takes to be successful, what these students can expect from each respective department, and how they will be interacting during their time in school. We then delivered that content through Learnpowers e-learning platform. We also set up live chat rooms every Wednesday for 30 minutes where the individuals from each department could answer questions from incoming students, and not have to worry about responding to large numbers of emails during the week.


The retention numbers increased by 12% in the first 3 months. The revenue value on this was an increase of $73,000. The school was able to paint the right picture for the students by engaging the entire staff, not just a select few, and students really felt the connection.

If you would like a free evaluation on how this can be implemented with your school, you can contact us by email here, or call (212) 960-3191.

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