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Top 5 Reasons Why Using an LMS Can Help Your School

1 - Reduces Photocopying

Picture this situation, it's 8:45 am, and your class begins at 9 am. You have to make 20 copies of the test or chart you want to use in class that day, and all of a sudden the copier breaks. If that hasn’t happened yet, it may. Using Learnpower, students can take tests on the computer or iPad and access online all the information you would normally put in print.

2 - Students Can Catch up With Missed Classes Much More Quickly and Easily

Think of the time you have to spend with students who miss a class. With iTeaches, students can login and get the work they missed, including lectures, assignments and more.

3 - It Makes Continuous Assessment a Real, Practical Option

If you could assess what your students learned everyday, would that help you become a better instructor and increase retention? Absolutely! By automating simple assessments at the end of each day or lesson, you can generate reports on demand to know what each students is understanding and where they might need more assistance.

4 - Learners Always Have Access to Their Grades, Attendance and Participation

How many times do students stand at your door wanting to know their grades and/or their attendance for the class? Using Learnpower, they can just login and get this information on demand.

5 Useful Links

There are so many incredible resources out there for just about any topic. In Learnpower, you can organize these resources by topics and make them available to students on their computers, tablets or phones.

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