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3 Steps you can take today to get comfortable offering online courses

Start with tests and quizzes

Offering tests and quizzes online is such a simple way to get started because there is no work to be done. You can use the exact same ones you use in the classroom. Tests are automatically graded online and student exams are stored online for you to view whenever it is necessary. Best of all, students get instant feedback and it gives instructors more time to focus on helping students who might be struggling.

Post resources for your students

How many times has a student asked for a copy of the resource you are using in class to explain something? Just think about all the handouts you use during a normal week. Instead of making copies, post them to your learning management system. Students can access them on their computers, phones and tablets.

Start an online class discussion

By doing this, students can post questions, instructors can answer them and administrators can follow all the action ! Plus, other students can see what has already been asked and get the answers they need as well.

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